Our most frequently asked questions
What is the wattage output?
The power pack & power pack air have 15W output wireless and 20W when plugged in.
Will this charge through a case?
Yes, it will charge through a thin case (6mm), but it may not magnetically hold as strong. We recommend using the power pack's without a case OR a magsafe case that has magnets built in.
How fast will it charge my phone?
Plugged in it can charge your device in up to 30 minutes. Wirelessly it can take 1-1.5 hours.
How does the magnetic charging work?
The MagSafe Power Pack has high powered magnets and charging coils that magnetically lock in place with your iPhone 12's MagSafe functionality located on the back of the device - this allows for very fast charging speeds due to the fact that the Power Pack is magnetically connected to your battery at it's location.

 This new way of charging allows for your device's battery to receive direct effective charging rather than charging with a traditional lightning cable.
What iPhone models are the power packs compatible with?
iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini

Although it will charge any iPhone with the wireless charging capability (it just wont magnetically stick) unless you have a compatible magsafe case.
Do you offer a warranty or lifetime guarantee? 
Yes we guarantee the quality of our products and offer a 1 year warranty.
Can i process a refund?
Please refer to this page here to see information about shipping and returns
What is going on with the Power Pack Air pre-orders?
Glad you asked, the wait is finally over! We are starting shipments on the week of January 25th. Expected delivery estimates are 7-14 business days. We want to thank you for being such a valued customer and your continued patience! It's well worth the wait.
How can i become an affiliate and start making $?
Simple. You can go here to sign up and start making cash! (or scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Become An Affiliate")